Buying a bike from Kingston Cycles

Fully Assembled & ready to ride

Every bike gets fully set up ready to ride before it leaves the store.

Our mechanics use a 30 point check list to assemble the bike.

This involves making sure nothing has been damaged from transit, adjusting the brakes, setting the gears, and loads of other checks all bikes need to be safe to ride!

The safety check normally takes 1 hour, however this can be longer at busy times.

Free First Service and Tune Up

After approximately 100 miles / 1 month of riding, we recommend bringing the bike back to us for a free tune up & adjustment.
New bikes often need re-adjustment after first being ridden, cables can stretch slightly and can effect the gears and brakes.

This only happens once and our mechanics can re-adjust and check over the cycle to make sure everything is working as it should. This first service normally takes about an hour, but it can take longer at busy times of the year.

Give us a ring to arrange when you would like to bring the bike in, or pick a time when you can leave the bike with us.

Delivery Available

Delivering a bike in Hull is £10.

To deliver to surrounding villages (Brough, Welton, Hedon, etc.) is £15.

Delivering any further away is £20.

We organise delivery when you buy the bike, usually on a night around 6pm, and is usually within a couple of days of buying the bike!