Repairs and Servicing

We have qualified bicycle technicians with a full workshop facility, and many specialist tools for cycle maintainance!

Repairing your bike

How do I get my bike repaired?

Simply bring your bike to our store and we book it into our workshop, before booking it in we can talk about what work needs doing and give you an approximate price, for bigger repairs, we may take a telephone number and get our experienced mechanics to take a look at it and give you a ring with an accurate price.

Your bike doesn't have to be bought from us originally as we repair any bike.

How much will it cost?

We can usually give you an approximate price on seeing the bike, for some repairs we might need to let the mechanic look at it or take it out on a test ride to see exactly what work needs doing,
if this is the case, we'll give you a ring with a price, or price options, and if it's going to be too expensive to repair, just let us know and you can come pick it up as quote are free!

How long will it take?

Small repairs such as having a new innertube fitted can usually be done sameday, however our workshop is quite busy, so bigger repairs usually need to be left with us a day or so.

You can always give us a ring and ask how busy the workshop is before hand.


Full Service

We also offer a full service for your bike, Our mechanics will completely check over your bike checking components for wear, reset gears, adjust brakes, true & tension wheels, etc. Services start at £35, plus the price of replacement parts if needed.
The mechanics will ring you beforehand if there's a lot of work that needs doing, or needs parts replacing.

Hydualic Brake Bleeding

£25 a brake (that includes new brake fluid).

Gear Adjustment

Starting from £15.

Brake adjustment

Around £8 each brake.

Wheel truing & tensioning, replacing broken spokes

£12 to £15 a wheel.

Do you offer a pick up/collection service?

We don't unfortunately.

Not listed here?

Give us a ring on 01482 328832 or bring the bike in for a more accurate price!