Cycle To Work Schemes

Tax-free bikes for work

With Cyclescheme, you can get a tax-free bike, which for most people means they save about 32% of the cost.

Step 1:

Make sure your employer is signed up for the scheme, and find out which provider of the cycle to work scheme, Cyclescheme or Halford's Cycle2Work are the main providers, but there are others your company may use (see the logos at the bottom of this page for the other providers).

Step 2:

Visit our store, pick a bike & accessories, and we'll fill in a quotation form with the details for you to give to your employer (or fill in online yourself).

Step 3:

Let us know when you recieve your letter of collection and come pick up your lovely new bike!

You pay for your bike though Salary Sacrifice, which means every time you get paid (monthly or weekly), a small part of that will go to paying off the bike. This is usually done over 12 months and you'll have saved money compared to just buying the bike outright.

Most of the big employers have already signed up for the scheme:

Kingston Cycles accepts vouchers from theses employers

We accept vouchers from these Cycle-to-Work Scheme Providers:

Bike2Work Scheme
Halfords Cycle2Work
Bikes for the NHS
Evans Cycles Ride2work Scheme